Konnichiwa, Nippon!


Ultimate dinner: katsu curry rice, caramel pudding, and BEER

Got this crane from the hotel I stayed

Osaka Museum of Art
Osaka Castle, Osaka
Finally, the HARAJUKU me
Fushimi-Inari Taisha, Kyoto
Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto
PINK sakura

The Official Conference picture

HELLO! Konnichiwaaa~
It's been a loooooong time ago since I blogged here. Sorry for neglecting you, baby :(
I was super busy this whole semester (well not really) and actually I don't know what to blog. Haha.
Well, now I come to think of it, I haven't told you guys that I went to Japan! WOOHOO!
Last month, on Spring, I went to Osaka to attend a conference. Another conference, I know right.
So, except going there to see presentations and those academic stuffs, I also did some sightseeing. And for the FIRST TIME IN FOREVEEEER, I was travelling ALONE. Yes, ALONE! It was a wonderful, brand new experience for me. I will definitely do it again!

Here are some quick tips (from me) for those who want to travel alone:
1. THROW AWAY everything that make you attached and not enjoying the trip, especially PHONE (even your parents or boy/girlfriend)! It's better to not have free internet connection everywhere (coz it's pretty hard to find in Japan) so you can experience and see new things in that country.
2. Learn a few basic phrases (on that country's language) to survive. At least you know how to ask the price, order food, point this and that, also ask where the TOILET is.
3. Take as many pictures as you can. Everything surrounds you is different from where you came from.
4. Seriously, shopping is not the main point here. Focus on the culture, the streets, foods, everything there. Experience new things by yourself.
5. Planned carefully where you want to go. Which bus to take, which subway line, which exit gate. Seriously, this is important. Otherwise, you'll got lost easily and no idea where to go.

I won't write everything here because it might be as long as a short novel :p
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