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Did you guys notice my blog banner is changing? Looks like my friend did another great job! I super love my new banner. Thanks to her. You guys should follow her in instagram @carla_han

I'm tired being a 'ginger'. Ever since I started dyeing my hair, I often dyed it red or orange. It's because those hues suits me well rather than having cool colors or brown blonde. So, actually few days ago, I decided to change my hair color to super white blonde. Something like.. Luna Lovegood. Tee-hee. Unfortunately, since my hair color is not even (due to the failed bleaching from the black color to the orange color before this), the result is SUPER not satisfying. It's like... rusty copper and a bit yellow blonde on the top of my head. It sucks. So.. my stylist friend, Yvonne, (haha) she said to me that I should go for the unique color again. Hmm... seems legit. OK then.

TA-DA! Actually it's more like violet purple but it turned out to be a bit pink and purple mixed together. Well... I've been wanting to dye this color tho. So.. YAAAYYY!

Hello again, pink purple hair.

FYI, I dyed my hair in a salon near my dorm. It costs 40k won for the bleaching and another 40k for the coloring. It's actually a 'coating color' only so it won't damage the hair badly. The auntie there is super kind. She bought us an ice cream waffle, for me and Yvonne (who waits for me there T.T). It's my first experience dyeing my hair in salon tho, while I'm living in Korea. Usually I did it myself by purchasing some hair dye from beauty store like ARITAUM or Watson/Olive Young. It costs cheaper tho but sometimes the color didn't turn out well if you do it yourself.

So, piece of advice from me. If you want to do hair coloring but not the natural hair color (no need bleaching), just do it in a hair salon. Look for the good one. Cheap price doesn't mean good result. And famous salon one usually cost double price from the ordinary salon. So, be wise :)

Bye for now.

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