It's TIME!


January 1st, 2016.
Let's have some recap on what happened to me in 2015.

1. Another conference to attend. This time, much more memorable.

☑ First time got invited to dinner with the Professors and researchers
☑ Got more new ACADEMIC friends

2. Solo travelling to Japan (the country I included in my bucket list and I TRULY LOVE). More photos and stories here.

☑ wanderlust-ing

3. Cut my hair short, then turned it to pink purple color.

☑ pink purple hair

4. Published my very first collection in LINE DECO as an artist.

5. Produced 2 personal lyrical artworks.

Once Upon a Dream
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
6. 1st THESIS DEFENSE! My Master degree ends soon. It was so fast, 2 years past too quick. Sorry, no picture.

7. And, a lot of personal life things going on. Up and Down.


Finally, I can leave 2015 with no regrets. The year of suffering has come to an end.


for this BLACK BUTTERFLY to show her beautiful wings and fly away.

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