Behind the Art: What Requiem is to Me


I guess this is the second time I post something about behind the scenes of my recent work.
The purpose of this post just merely to let you know what inspires me for this art piece.


This series, if you follow my Instagramtry to read the captions in each picture. I chose the captions carefully, from classical songs lyrics about death.

Requiem, the title is based on a Requiem Mass written by W.A. Mozart, where he died in peace, lying on his bed and left this piece unfinished. Requiem is a Mass for the dead souls to be in peace. It was meant for the dead.

I've known Death since I was a kid and until now, it never leave me. Not only wanting to physically take my life, but I think it was also looking for my soul. There are few events that I thought I was dying, in the edge of this life and it's time to go home. But where?

Do we really go to Heaven when we die? What if it's not Heaven, but somewhere else?
Why are we so afraid of dying? or Death?

No, it's not paranoid nor a negative thinking or whatsoever you called them. Like a dog that can sense their time will come soon, I can feel that too. I became more quiet and detached the past few years. I embrace solitude more than ever. I don't feel hurt nor loneliness. I really like it. And while in this state, I decided to make an art out of it.

How I picture death is; how in my solitude, I caress the presence of silence.
Art is where I rest my soul in peace.

See the full version here

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