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This time, as you can see in the title, I will talk about how I get to work with K-Pop singers (I can't really say that they're Idol but maybe you can see them as an K-Pop idol as well).

*This post is not meant for fan fight whatsoever or a platform for negative comments to the artist, so just keep it to yourself.*


Now, how do I begin this... 

I will start with Nicky then. Nicky Park, I actually contacted him first in Instagram for collaboration. He's kinda famous in Youtube and Instagram (I heard so many people commented him as EXO's Chanyeol dopplegänger) and it's been a while since I shoot guys, so why not asked him to be my model? 

He's accepted my offer and scheduled our photoshoot. So, the day we met, it was in DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza), he greeted me with a smile and his quirks. Then, suddenly he said to me that he wanted to use the pictures later as his DEBUT ALBUM COVER! I was like...... what? 
I was so confused by this but he said it with confidence. Well... I have no other choice. So after the DDP shooting, we went to other place to shoot for his album cover. 

I'm not sugar-coating this but he's really funny and sassy. During the shooting, there were few times he make this weird poses and expressions that I laughed so hard my stomach hurts. We also talked about how the K-pop industry is going and his trainee days. I can't really tell you about that, but yea.. it's kind of bad as it is stated in many news articles. 

So anyway, after a year, he finally debut as a solo idol and released his single "Fly High". Here I posted the album cover and also other picture we took that day. (The cover design is not by me)


Different story with McKay, I knew him from a friend of mine and we've met for a few times before the actual photoshoot. McKay, in real person, he was such a chill and easy-going guy that you will love to have as a friend. The vibe I got was really different with the other Koreans and he's really nice. 

So there was one time that we talked about something, suddenly I offered him my photography service. He said sure why not since it's been a while he had some nice pictures of him and we scheduled our shooting. It was only for fun, so that's why I'm not feeling stressed about it.

During the shooting, he was really focused to the pose he made and to my directions. He's really calm and quite serious than usual. Sometimes he also sings to the songs he played on his phone and goofing around. We actually really like how the pictures turned out, especially the one with the window. 


Actually there is one more experience with K-Pop idols. It was back then in 2016 when I was working in a photo studio. There was one day we had a photoshoot for a magazine with SNUPER. This one is much more memorable for me because they're an idol group. As you may see it in most of behind-the-scenes of K-pop Idols videos, they came into the studio and shouted "Annyeonghaseyo! Uri Snuper imnida! Jal butak derimnida!" (안녕하세요! 우리 스누퍼입니다! 잘 부탁 드립니다!). Then the stylists and makeup artists were there to take care of them, the managers and the magazine's editor as well. It was... so magical that I can't forget this experience in my life. They were soooo playful with each other, singing and dancing around to the songs I played. Since I'm in charge of the computer that time, I played one of their well-known songs "Platonic Love". Some of the members were dancing to the song and singing to it. Then during the shooting time, they were so professional and having lots of ideas to pose in front of the camera. I was in charge for bringing the shooting tools that time and they even helped me to carry it (because it was heavy). They greeted me goodbye and gave me their signed CD album when they're about to leave (I still have it at home). Luckily, I didn't really know them so I'm not fan girling over them. I can't imagine if it was GD or Big Bang. I might have to quit my job that time lol. 


I'm really glad that my experiences with K-pop idols and singers were amazing and they were super kind! I thought it's going to be hard because you know... they're idols. It's just that they've been exposed in the media but it doesn't make that they're totally different from us. 

Of course after I posted the pictures of McKay and Nicky, I got lots of likes and comments on my Instagram. Well.. I can't deny it's a good thing for me, but it's just they deserve so much more recognition. My friends and relatives are asking me how I got to meet these guys. I guess I'm lucky to have a chance not only to meet them, but also to work with them :)

I hope that you enjoy this post and give you a good information of what it's like to work with K-pop idols. 

See you in the next post!

P.S. To see the full version of Nicky's and McKay's photos, check out my website here

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