13 Things From 365 Days Ago


From 365+ days ago,

1. I finally finished my academic journey (even though I want to do more of it) and took my first step into the industry.
2. I started my photography career in Korea, as my part-time job.
3. I moved to Seoul and began a new chapter there.
4. I experienced working in a Korean photography studio, working with the natives (my boss, my seniors, the models, makeup artists, and also celebrities)
5. I experienced my first resign from a workplace.
6. For the first time, I know how it feels to be afraid of failing.
7. I know why being grateful is necessary in life.
8. I know how to live my life with my own money, from my own hands.
9. I know how hard it is to survive in another country other than your home, alone.
10. I started to make peace and cherish my "other me".
11. I finally see that real friends does exist.
12. I finally understand how disappointing it is to see nothing works like you've expected to be.
13. I finally understand what love is.

Even then, I still have no fucking idea what to do with my life.

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