Book of She


"She's the kind of queen,
That knows her crown isn't on her head,
But in her soul."


The title "Book of She" was adapted from a book written by Adrian Michael Green. This particular project was kind of another stepping stone for me because somehow I changed my tone into more contrast rather than "dreamy" feel. It's not that I try to change my style, but it's just that.. I need to match it with the feel and the story that I want to tell about. And also, this project is my last project with one of my model friends, Jenny/Tschennie (she wrote about our shooting here) since she's going to go back to her home country :( 

Yes, this project seems to show a lot of the model's skin, but I'm sorry, even though I'm a woman, I have no confidence and I still feel embarrassed shooting semi-nude/nude. This series is supposed to tell a story about being a woman. You should embrace your soul, the inner beauty inside every human, and your whole self. It's like my theme of my life now is being yourself, in and out. I'm not a life motivator or things like that, but I just can't stand those girls out there being so fake with their life, especially faking herself, just to get attention or respect from others. Urgh. 

Girl, I tell you what. Getting respect or attention from others is not as important as being proud of what you are. Society will still give you negative things anyway. That quote, in the beginning of this post, should always be your reminder.

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