Best and Worst Year (not ever)


Just like the title of the post, I seriously think that 2017 is my best and the worst year.

Why, you asked.

I called it the best year because this year, I got 3 major masterpieces, met new models, I even worked together with famous people. But why the worst year, if you had that many great experiences?
It was because I got a major breakdown during the year and I ended up breaking my own mental health. That, my friend, is a really big issue for me this year and I hope it's only this year.


Anyway, like the previous year, I would like to recap all the things that happened this year, including showing you some major artworks and also great moments in 2017.

First, I would like to update my model's list that I've been working with in 2017.

Rachel (USA)

Michelle (Japan)

Nicole - on the left (Denmark)

Not as many as last year, to be honest, I didn't really shoot a lot this year. I'm more focused on my full-time work and it's too tiring to work again on the weekends. However, I created 3 big masterpieces. Here are the 3 artworks:

Big Fish and Begonia (Collaboration with Evan Raditya)

Fille Française


2 Chinese-themed artworks and 1 French-themed, as you may see, my tones are gradually changing from the blurry film-like tones (you can see it on the works I did last year) into more solid contrast tones. I have to give myself a tick on my checklist for having that great collaboration with my best friend, Evan Raditya.

Now, the finale. This year, it's been a shining year for me because I got to meet and also worked together with some famous people. From singers, fashion bloggers to real idols. 

Cheri (Korean Fashion Influencer & Blogger)

Chen Yung Hua a.k.a yourddoris (Taiwanese Fashion Photographer)

McKay Kim (K-pop Star 2 singer)

Nicky Park (K-pop singer) - his first single album

Yutaki (Singaporean Fashion Influencer & Blogger) - taken back in 2016

And last but not least, this picture was taken just last week on December 23rd, when I attended their concert.

it's DAY6!

This post shines so bright, I can't open my eyes lol. It was such A GREAT HONOR to meet these bunch of great people in 2017. I can't thank enough for the opportunities they've given me by being able to work together with them (except with DAY6, or maybe... soon?). 

Well, although I DID mentioned about why is it the worst year for me, I rather not to talk about it because it's just too personal to talk about and it's just my turning point in my life, so.. no big deal.

Thank you for staying with me throughout this year and thank you all for the likes, comments, and also follows in my Instagram. As I promised last year, I finally launched my official website. Don't forget to check it out here


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