The Pearl Curtain


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So, after I'm done with "Big Fish and Begonia", I stumbled upon this Chinese singer in Youtube called Henry Huo. I immediately fell in love with his voice (and also his appearance) and also his self-composed song with the title 卷珠帘 (Rolling Up The Beaded Curtain).

I did some research on what the song is about and it turned out to be a song about how a lady is waiting for her loved one to appear. According to what usually happened in old Chinese movies, the ones that are about the Three Kingdoms (or maybe other subjects too), ladies are usually got carried in a carriage with curtain to go around the city. Also during the traditional wedding ceremony, the bride's face is covered by a curtain-like headpiece. Then when the groom came, he will open that "curtain" to see his bride for the first time. That's what legend said and they still do that sometime until now.

I got hooked by this concept where women are always covering their 'face', their true identity. Also, since it's a Chinese song, why not make another Chinese artwork? It's always fun to create Chinese art. Recently, I actually got inspired by so many Chinese artists on how they use colors in their artworks. Not only photo works, but I also looked up into the ancient painting works as well. There's a certain feel that I get from seeing Chinese arts. It feels like... strong and firm, yet ethereal and graceful. It looks complicated, but if you see it through, it was so simple. That's how I feel about Chinese art.

Anyway, for this work, I found my model in Instagram. I was looking at Korean photographer's feed and found this girl among his works. At first, I didn't think that she looks Korean. Her looks are between a Japanese and Chinese look. So I contacted her and she said yes to my offer. Great!
Now, the problem is the location. I don't want to use palaces or the same location as "Big Fish and Begonia", also I can't find any spots in Seoul that resembles China. However, I found this great park I've never been to and it has a pavilion in the middle of a small pond. So, when the day of shooting came, both me and my model were awed by the view. We didn't expected that place to be so perfect for this concept. I guess I'm lucky again.

For full version, head to my website here

That's all for now!

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