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Hey people! It's been a while since I blog about my stuffs here.
This time, I have a great news for all of you.


Nah... that's so impossible. BUT IT'S TRUE!

Well, it's not my actual album where I debuted as a singer, but I contributed as the artist who created the album cover (and also the design inside as well). So, I mentioned about my K-pop singer, McKay, before, and this time, he finally made a comeback and released a single album! YAY!

It's been years (according to him) since he released his original songs and this also the first time he's making a physical album. Then he contacted me, asking whether I want to join the project or not. Of course I'm in!

Not only creating the cover, but I also designed every pages they have in the album, mostly it's a layout job. We have so many different ideas for the cover initially but since the working timeline is not that flexible, we have to choose the most do-able one instead.

So, after a long (but not that long) hard work....

You Will Never Know
(Album cover & CD)

Me, 'our baby' and McKay

I'm so touched! Thank you McKay!!

And guess who's back with a Summer song too.

(Digital single cover art)

These two covers that I've created were all digital arts. I had experiences in photo manipulation since I was in High School (Big thanks to my Art teacher, Mr. Anthony), even though it's kinda rusty due to lack of practicing, but that skill really comes to handy these days lol. The only difference between the first cover and the second is that I did shot the model image myself (the flowers are stocks tho) and the other is stock image.

Well, I guess that's it for now.
If you have any questions, you know where to ask right?

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