Hello again, everyone! How you guys are doing? 
It's almost the end of the year again, so it means that it's time for RECAP of what happened in 2016.

First, I would like to thank you for all your supports and likes in my Instagram. My Instagram is flooding with your likes and comments. I really appreciated it :)

Well, since I'm no longer working in the studio again (I'm an office lady now :p), I don't really have much free time for my personal work. However, I'm trying to still do it as often as I can because it's my passion and my second job too. I'll stay creative :)

OK, let's move on.

Since I moved to Seoul, I got a lot of chance to work with foreign models. Don't judge me, but I do prefer foreign models than the Asian. Although, many Korean model agencies has recruited a lot of unique faces, but I feel like Europeans have a lot more variant and diverse face features, each of them are different. And of course, another good point, that their face features match with my concept. So, on this moment, I would like to introduce you the foreign models that I've been working with in 2016.

Emma (Netherland)

Iida (Sweden)

Alexa (Russia)

Lisa (Norway)

Embla (Norway)

My roommate, Arianna (Italy)

Tabya (German)

Lily (France)

Sasha (Russia)

Tschennie/Jenny (German)

Pretty, aren't they? Honestly, I really enjoyed taking pictures with them because not only you get to know them and get your artwork, but you also learn each other's cultural background. We talked about our countries' political condition, cultural issues, etc. It was mind-blowing. There are things that you will not know about a certain country other than having conversation with the natives. Media are sometimes fake and not digging deep enough. 

Other than working with foreign models, this year I got a chance to meet, take pictures, collaborated, and be friends with beauty bloggers/Youtubers. I met these two beautiful ladies from my friend, Musa, who used to shoot pictures with one of them. 

Let me introduce you...

Sunny Dahye

Kim Dao

Our Christmas collaboration

This powerful duo has been friends for 6 years (?) and they always together. I will link their Youtube channels below. As some of you may know, Sunny is a Korean who used to live and grew up in Indonesia. She speaks Indonesian like a native, like me. I still remember the first time I met her, I was shocked of how fluent she is. It feels like me talking to my Indonesian friends, not to a Korean. And Kim, she's a Vietnamese who was born and grew up in Australia and currently living in Japan. Three of us are the same age, the 90s, so no wonder that every time we meet, we just talk shit and sometimes having deep conversation (just because we like to criticize haha). I'm lucky to be one of their friends.

Sunny's Youtube here
Kim's Youtube here

So yeah.. I guess it's almost the end of my not-so-long post. I really want to post everything here but I just don't have time and energy to do it. 

Make sure you follow my Instagram here for my artwork updates.

I will launch my official website SOON (I really hope I can do it fast), so bare with me!
To end this post, I would like to share my favorite pieces from 2016.

Inspired by Shakespeare's Sonnets
Model: Lisa

Based on Sophie from Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle"
Model: Alexa

I hope you had a wonderful 2016 and a better year next year.

Happy New Year 
Welcome 2017!

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