Finding Myself, Again


This post is specially written about a story of how I find myself, again.


I, a woman who still knows nothing about how life works, have a story on how I found myself. My own self.

Not many people know about this but in the past days, I always obey people and try to please people that it ended up ruining me. I have been always be in pain. Not only from sickness, but also from other things. I got lots and lots of emotional damage in my life. Bullied, betrayed, abused, and also emotionally hurt; by words and actions.

I thought I was so damaged that I've created "my other self ", making me into a double personality or bipolar person.

She is a strong woman, a tough one. I never really know her existence until recently when I'm having a personality difficulty. I need to find myself. I know, deep inside my consciousness, that she will always protect me in any situation. She knows no fear. Pain makes her stronger. I was always been weak that people are enjoying hurting me because I don't speak up. And every time someone hurt me, she gets stronger and build the wall that is unbreakable. That's how I lived for all these years.

Until one day, something happened to me.

I.. met her.

I just realized how different she is from me. How strong she have become. I didn't realized it myself that I also grow stronger, together with her. And day by day, we're emerging into one whole new individual... Me. I can't believe that this persona that I created, helped me become who I am today.

I am her, she is me.

From that day on, every artwork that I make, every story that I tell..
It was always about our story.


Model // Ida & Nicole

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