Little Things


The coldness of winter wind,
The hot steam from a cup of Green Tea Latte,
The beauty of snow falling like confetti on my hands,
The loneliness empty chairs and empty tables in the Sushi restaurant,
The warm sound from the cello strings that Luka Sulic and Stepjan Hauser played in YouTube video,

I begin to see all those little things in my life.
These little things.. 
Become my 'totems' to make sure that I'm still alive.

Let me tell you this,
I've swore to myself that I shall not live like I used to live my life once and for all. 

I moved on from my 'fucked up' mind, and now...

I rather be called a coward for saying "no" to those things that will make me feel bad.
I rather be called as selfish for not caring and not responding to all the things that I feel like it didn't require my attention or response.
I rather be called an idiot for helping others that are kind to me without asking them to return the favor.
I rather not regretting anything in my life for doing things that my heart tells me to do without worrying it may ended up destroying me.

I... finally made my own peace, after all these years.

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