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It's been a while since I update my lookbook. When was the last time? Hmm..

I finally run out of the pink color dye so I just waiting for my Manic Panic dye to come. YAY!! Viva ombré!

I wonderstruck to this snapback. It IS really one of a kind in the world. It was made and designed originally by my fellow friend, TheMbamoeVectory. They were my new friends and they're SUPER TALENTED! I saw this snapback back then during their final project exhibition (I saw it through Instagram of course) and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Then after few times of thinking again and again, I decided to buy it from them. TEE-HEE! 

Ah! And that top I wore, it's Zara's. I found it a while ago and it seems that nowadays baseball tees are too mainstream, don't they? However those are way unique than the ordinary baseball tee. Totally my style eh?

Anyway, if you guys wanna check out the TMV, click here

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