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Uuu another update from me!

This time I want to share something to you guys. Well, kinda self confession time. Tee hee. I hope you understand.

When I decided myself to work in this fashion industry, I said to myself that I'm ready to do everything. Not just the ordinary editorial shots but also the mature one. You know, the 21+ one. It's not about me being pervert or anything but yeaah.. it's about the art. I thought about it and set my mind.

Then I had this chance to shoot something like that. It's not gonna be use for editorial or what, it's purely just for fun and experimenting. Honestly, I was so nervous because I never do something like this. I was sooo afraid to go beyond my imagination. HAHAHA. Seriously, lesson learned from this photo shoot and thank you for this opportunity.

The picture above is the first teaser of the whole photo shoot. Not only that but I also did some cosplay shots with the models.

Do wait for it! Ciao~

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