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Heyyy everybody! How's your days?
I'm graduating already and now i'm on my way to pursue the next thing in life, that's MAKING MONEY! oh my God, my head.

So, I haven't introduce this guy formally here but I think I've mentioned about him in my previous posts. One of my best friends, Evan a.k.a Papercaptain, is doing his personal project nowadays. Honestly, I really want to do something together with him, collaborating or something but I don't think it's possible since Evan is really a busy person. Then I asked him for a special request, draw something for me. HAHAHA. Well, I had this song in my mind since a long time ago but I haven't had a chance to do something about it.

Hymn to Hope, composed by Secret Garden, a really famous new age artist. I've been in love with these guys and I found a vocal version (in Korean) of that song, sung by Youngok Shin. This song gives you hope, literally. After I translated the lyrics myself to English, I was kind of sad. The song was supposed to be give me hope to live but then I realized that the meaning is too tragic for me.

"난 돌아왔죠.. 세상의 끝에서..." (I'm coming back.. When the world ends..)
 "때론 지치고.. 힘들고 서글퍼도..." (Sometimes it's tiring, difficult and troubled..)

It seems like it's about the END. I don't know why but I'm dropping tears when I listening to this song. OK. Back to the story. Then, I asked Evan to draw something from this song. Based on this song. He asked me which part of the lyrics I liked the best. There's this lyric,

"세상의 모든 꿈.." (All the dreams of the world)

 This particular part, when I first heard it, I felt.. peace. The dreams of the world? It's so beautiful, isn't it?

And finally, this is what Evan came up with.

He combined it with Japanese art style and also its folklore, Kaguya. I was so surprised when I found out that Kaguya have red black ombré hair!
Looks like the fashion sense of our Papercaptain is finally come out eh?
Well, it's a wraaapp!

To check out more of Evan the Papercaptain's works, click here
and to listen Hymn to Hope vocal version, click here

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