Photographer: Natalia Pek
Talent: Kath Margiano
Stylists: Jenny Setiawan, Devina Kartika

Collaboration with AWT.
© 2013

This is another collaboration shots with my friend AWT but this is one more like... we-want-to-shoot-more after the RENOIR pieces are done lol. Seriously, having a stylist for a photoshoot like this is super helping. You see the picture that Kath wears a flowery skirt? The top she used is also a skirt! Our stylist put some magic to it. HAHA.

Since there are too many photo shoot I had, I really can't decide which one I should post first. Huff..
Anyway, it's CHRISTMAS EVE today! YAY!

Stay tuned for tomorrow. I'll post something really cute and pretty :)

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