Late Night Tales #1 - The Arrival of the Birds and Transformation


Late Night Tales #1 - The Arrival of the Birds and Transformation

Photography: Natalia Pek
Talent: Michelle Ng

To begin the series, I want to do it in mysterious way. Seriously, I put so much effort and dedication into this. Those cranes, can't you see it? I made them all. HAHA. Not to brag but yeah.. I searched through Google how to make those origami. I thought it was hard to make until I made it myself. It was pretty easy but mine was not too tidy. Whatever lah.

'The Arrival of the Birds and Transformation' is a soundtrack of Disneynature's documentary film, The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos. It's an instrumental piece by the mighty The Cinematic Orchestra. If you want to know the song, go here. It was so tranquil and I can imagine the birds fly across the sky. OMG so beautiful.

Actually there's more pictures on this one.

Now I know how suffering those people who make thousands of cranes, just to make a wish. Oh my..

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