After having a hiatus, I decided to do another personal project. I always wanted to do something that is based on something as the inspiration. But since I have no time and been doing something else, I have to endure it. Then my illustrator best friends, Renata and Evan, both of them often creating song-inspired art works. How can I not be jealous of what they do? HAHAHA, sorry guys. I really envy them. 

So, you guys might known or heard of 'The Cinematic Orchestra' or have you? One of their song was featured in the STEP UP 4 (?), 'To Build A Home', the one that is used by the main girl character to dance her contemporary piece. If you see it, then I guess you know the song. Since I heard that song, I was in love with the band. I don't know why, but when I first heard the song, I feel like... 'home'. It has this.. umm... sincere melodies and so magical. From that on, I really wanted to make a photography piece based on their songs. And here it is.

'LATE NIGHT TALES' is one of their album titles and I will put some of their songs in this series. 

Do wait for it because it's gonna be a liiiittle different than what I used to do :)


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